Who Is at Risk for Hearing Loss?

older-couple-readingYour hearing is important to preserve as long as possible, but some people may be more likely to lose their hearing than others. This may happen as a result of many different factors, though some of them are quite preventable. Dr. Deborah Touchette and the team here at our Chico hearing aid center would like to take this opportunity to go over some of the most common risks for hearing loss that people face and discuss ways that you can maintain the quality of your hearing for the years to come.

First off all, there is a genetic factor to hearing loss that may be at play. Some people may just be more prone to ear damage and ear injury than others. If hearing loss and hearing problems run in your family, you may want to ask your doctor about what health conditions you may have and what can be done to prevent future hearing loss. You may also wish to ask if this will possibly affect your children, whether you currently have kids or are planning to have them in the future.

Noise, of course, is a major factor for hearing loss. You may be in a job that involves regular exposure to loud music, such as construction, air traffic control, or factory work. If you work with firearms or explosives in some manner, this can lead to gradual ear damage over time. There’s also recreational noise to consider, such as loud music and the sounds of motorcycles and other vehicles.

To prevent hearing loss with occupational noise, be sure to wear the proper earplugs and headphones to help reduce the possibility of ear injury while on the job. As for recreational noise, use good judgment. Try not to listen to music on speakers or on headphones too loud, and if you are going to a concert or operating any type of machinery that makes loud noises, consider wearing earplugs to minimize their potential harm to your ears.

Certain illnesses can lead to partial or total hearing loss, such as ear infections, high fevers, or meningitis. If you run a high temperature or feel any sort of ear pain, be sure to visit your doctor so that this can be addressed as soon as possible. Doing so can prevent hearing loss in the immediate future and down the road.

Advanced age can also result in hearing loss over time as a result of gradual exposure to loud noises, illness, and so forth. There are Chico hearing aids available to enhance the quality of your hearing. To learn more about hearing loss, ear health, hearing aids, and other related matters, contact our practice today.

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