Useful Links

Links to Objective Professional Associations.

Useful Links

Below are links to sites that we believe are objective and credible with their information regarding hearing loss and hearing aids.
Self Help for the Hard of Hearing
Excellent consumer web site with lots of resources.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Good information regarding hearing loss. Particularly in children and related speech and language disorders.

American Academy of Audiology
Visit the consumer resource section for valuable information regarding tinnitus, hearing loss, hearing aids, and more.

American Tinnitus Association
Resources for individuals suffering from ringing in the ear.

Vestibular Disorders Association
VEDA is a non-profit organization that provides information to the public and health professionals about inner-ear balance disorders such as Meniere’s Disease, BPPV, and labrinthitis.

Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers. A non-profit hearing information source for musicians and music lovers.

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