In this video, Deborah Touchette, Au D. Doctor of Audiology, explains her work in Paradise, California and her patient experience. The first goal she says is to know about the actual concerns, problems and anxieties faced by those that come to her when faced with loss of hearing issues. She also prefers to get all those close to the patient – partners, spouses, even kids – involved in the treatment as this problem affects them too. Knowing patient goals helps her make the best choice for technology and helps in counseling sessions too.

Deborah wants her patients to come in regularly for cleanings and maintenance. There are specific walk-in hours when the patient can come even without an appointment. This helps her to take care of as many patients as possible within that time.

Deborah considers her patients to be like family as she is likely to meet them in the community at some time. Therefore, she tries to closely follow their lifestyle while being supportive of their interests and their passion. The team also screens people’s hearing even if that is not a concern yet so that they remain connected with the community always.

Deborah Touchette, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

My goal for our patient experience is for patients to feel like we’re family. We need them to be comfortable communicating with us, not just what’s going well and what they like but if they are having problems, if they are having concerns. I want them to be able to express that so that we can find a resolution. It helps us to get to know them so that we know what their goals for their hearing is, what the goals for the different environment they are going to be listening, their family, friends, their activities. That helps us to make the right choice for technology and also counseling. We like to get families involved, partners, spouses, kids because hearing loss affects the whole family and hearing aids are just one aspect in our treatment goals.

We try to communicate with our patients regularly, we like them to come in for regular cleanings and maintenance before there are any problems. So we tell them even if everything is wonderful, we want you to come in regularly for us to make sure that things continue to go that way. We don’t ever turn anyone away if we can help it. So we have incorporated some walk-in hours that are specifically designed for them to come in without an appointment and we have done that so that we can maximize our energy in taking care of as many people as possible during that time.

We consider our patients, our neighbors, our friends, and our family. It’s very very common for us to encounter our patients out in public or to share our activities and so we consider them you know, not just people who come in and purchase something from us or come to us as a onetime patient but people who we’re very likely going to encounter in the community. And so we try to be very supportive of what their interests are what their passions are. Everybody who walks in is considered family, is considered a neighbor and a friend in this community. But that’s also why we encourage people to seek help for their hearing and why we screen people’s hearing, even if they are not having a concern yet because we care about their overall health and well being how they are going to be able to stay connected in the community with the activities they enjoy doing and hearing is a big part of that.

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