In this video, Bonnie talks about her experience when she was struggling with her loss of hearing and how Deborah and her team at Paradise California resolved the issue. Bonnie was a registered nurse, since retired, and she says that she was unable to talk on the phone and quite anxious about her problem. But Deborah was able to accurately diagnose her problem and fitted her with state of the art of the art hearing aids which helped her to continue her career. She was able to talk on the phone and take part in conversations without any effort at hearing.

Deborah and her team Bonnie says were very friendly, had a professional approach and even helped in the financing. For her, it has been a very good experience. Finally she says that the team helped her achieve a totally new lifestyle free of anxieties.



When I first came to Deborah, I was struggling with my hearing. It was becoming such an effort for me to participate in conversations, I was unable to talk on the phone, and just unable to enjoy the day to day sounds. And it was creating a lot of anxiety too because it was work for me to hear. She was able to diagnose me and fit me with some very state of the art hearing aids so that now, well I was able to continue my career. I am a registered nurse, I was able to continue a wonderful career in nursing. I could hear on the telephone, I could participate in conversations. I really enjoyed life. There was no effort any longer in hearing.

So everything changed. I enjoyed life, I could hear things like birds and waterfalls, and even the sound of traffic became enjoyable for me – everything was enjoyable. And now I am retired, I am 65 years old now. I am retired and I am enjoying my retirement.

I know they care about me. It’s obvious because they follow up with me, they’re friendly with me and they are professional with me, they’ve worked with me on the finance thing. They understand that this is not just giving me a mechanism to hear but this is changing my lifestyle. And there might be other things involved too like anxiety or vanity or some other things and they are so aware of that and the service that they gave me was just that. It’s been a good experience, been a very good experience. My life would be totally different without this facility and the people that work here.

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