In this video, Cindy explains the problems she faced due to hearing problems, primarily being unable to communicate clearly with her grandchildren. She has a personalized relationship with Deborah and her team at Paradise, California. She has met other patients at the office and says that the girls there have a lot of knowledge to share with the patients.

She says that Deborah has incredible knowledge of the subject. After she was given trial aids, Deborah asked her to visit a quiet place like a duck pond, close her eyes and try to understand from which side the sounds came from. This is because people like Cindy with single sided deafness have no directional hearing and Deborah wanted to see how effective the treatment was.

Cindy says that getting to hear well was an exciting period for her as she was able to interact well with her grandchildren. It also saved her from the embarrassment of having to explain her deficiencies to others.



I was missing a lot of things that I didn’t know that I was missing. I have 2 grandchildren and I don’t have to stop and say, “could you tell me in my good ear” because now they can tell me in whichever ear they want to talk to me and that’s great exciting for me. It’s very first part when I come up here, it’s like a reunion part for me. Even for the people I’ve just met here, other patients, everybody is sharing information and of course the girls who work here have a lot of knowledge to share with us.

One of the reasons that I would recommend this office to everybody, specially my Mom is that they look at you when they talk to you. People that can’t hear well, you have to be able to see their faces, they have to look at you in the face when you are lip reading. I don’t know if they were taught to do that or that’s something that comes from the heart. But it’s something that I really appreciate and I know that my Mom when she finally decides to come up here will really appreciate.

Her knowledge is incredible and she knows how to help me. I didn’t know what to ask for. My first visit back after I had the trial ones on, she asked me “how was that”. And it was great and she asked “what could I change”, and this was also new to me that I don’t know what to look for. And one thing that she gave me for homework was and I know this is silly but she gave me for homework was to go and sit in a quiet place like a duck pond, close my eyes and see if I could tell where the sound is coming from because people with single sided deafness have no directional hearing. And so it’s like really fun homework.

Coming back, that period has been so exciting for me, I am new to “grandmother heard” and I can hear my grandsons when they talk to me and I don’t have to tell people “can you tell me in my good ear”. I save a lot of embarrassment by not having to explain myself any more and that’s life changing for me.

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