In this video, Deborah Touchette, Au D. Doctor of Audiology talks about her experiences with people who have hearing problems in a community in Paradise, California.

She says that some people even wonder if they are having mental issues when they were simply having communication problems. And when they begin to hear better, they suddenly become relevant again. The main difficulty was that they were not able to participate in everything before.

Deborah says that she enjoys working with all age groups, from 2 year olds who have hearing loss to seniors and veterans. She enjoys working with adults who resume work on things that they are passionate about. She prefers to meet her patients socially in the community and loves to see them use technology to communicate effectively with family, friends and the community in general.

Deborah and her team provide the members of the community the best possible care possible. She acknowledges that while the team may not be perfect in all respects, they always strive to give optimized care to the patients. And the doctor and her team are committed to this end.

Deborah Touchette, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

It’s amazing to me how we take communication for granted and when someone doesn’t hear well I have seen people wonder if they are having mental issues and suddenly we help them to hear better, and we realize, oh my goodness, that person is still relevant, that person is still there, they just weren’t able to participate. They weren’t hearing accurately or the effort that it took to listen and communicate was exhausting. And yet the minute that we help them hear better, they suddenly reappear and they, they come back to life, they re-engage. And I would really hope that there isn’t someone in this community who aren’t participating in the things they love because of hearing loss. That is why I do what I do. Because I’ve seen the benefits that technology can provide, that counseling support and strategies can provide.

I enjoy being an audiologist, especially in this community because I get to work with all ages of patients. I get to work with patients from birth to death, and on any given day I might see someone on both ends of the spectrum. So I get to work with 2 year olds with loud hearing loss when they are not quite speaking properly yet and I get to work with a lot of seniors who have a lifetime of experiences to share with me. One of my favorite populations is working with veterans and helping them not just to hear better but to obtain the benefits in the services that they deserve based on their service. I love working with adults who are wanting to hear better so that they can work so they can do the job they want to, the type of work they are passionate about. But again I would never want for someone not to be able to do something they are passionate about because of hearing loss. There are lot of strategies and technologies available to help with that.

It’s not just always what are you having trouble with now, but what would you like to be able to do if I could help you to hear better, if there is something that would get you there. What would that desire be? And so we always try to think long term outside of what your correct instructions might be. I love meeting my patients out in the community socially. I love seeing them use the technology to stay involved and be active with their family, their friends, the community in general. That’s exciting.

I know that for myself, for the people that work here with me are always going to provide the best quality care possible. And in that we come in every day and we meet for a few minutes at the start of every day and we prepare to provide the best service every day. And are we perfect? No. But are we doing everything we can to be as perfect for our patients as possible? Yeah, we really are. And we love what we do. And we are passionate about what we do. So in that regard, while we are here, our energy is always at providing the best service, technology, care across the board.

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