How Do You Know if Someone Has Hearing Loss?

Signs of Hearing Loss

You parents cared for you for many years, and you intend to care for them when they need it. As your parents get older, you may begin to notice signs of aging – including signs of hearing loss.

What are the signs of hearing loss?

It’s very common for someone’s friends and family to notice signs of hearing loss before the patient is aware of them. How do you know if you or someone you love has hearing loss? When is it time to visit an audiologist? From Dr. Touchette, a leading audiologist in Paradise, here are some signs that someone has hearing loss.

  • It’s difficult for the person to participate in conversations in noisy places, such as in restaurants or at parties.
  • It’s difficult for the person to participate in conversations involving more than two people.
  • The person often doesn’t hear when someone talks to them from behind, or from a different room.
  • He or she often sets the TV or radio volume too high for the rest of the family.
  • The person complains that others are mumbling or are not speaking clearly.
  • He or she finds that hearing higher-pitched voices is more difficult, such as those of women and children.

When should you see an audiologist?

People who are experiencing hearing loss may begin to avoid social activities, because they feel like they can’t participate fully due to being unable to hold a conversation. This is why it’s beneficial for the person experiencing hearing loss to see an audiologist as soon as you notice these signs.

In some cases, a patient with hearing loss may be in denial, not wanting to admit that they have hearing loss or feeling embarrassed about the idea of a hearing aid. In other cases, they simply don’t notice the things they can’t hear, so the hearing loss is not as obvious to them as it is to others.

You may feel frustrated when your parent or other loved one doesn’t want to get the help you know they need. It may help to show them this list, to show them why you want them to see an audiologist in Chico. It’s also helpful to point out that going to see an audiologist doesn’t automatically mean that you get hearing aids; your hearing will be evaluated and then your audiologist may recommend a treatment.

Looking for an audiologist in Paradise?

If you’re looking for an audiologist in Chico, Paradise, or Oroville area then Paradise Hearing & Balance Clinics is here to serve you. We offer diagnostic services, and we also have a variety of high-quality hearing aids and other products available if it turns out that you need them.

Many of our older patients come to see the audiologist because their adult children noticed signs of hearing loss and insisted on their parent going in for an evaluation. Even if they’re initially reluctant, most patients are glad they came when they experience the benefits of better hearing. Please feel free to have your parent call our office if he or she has any questions.

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