Online Hearing Test

While a complete evaluation of your hearing requires a visit to your audiologist in Paradise, you can take a free online hearing screening test to check for possible hearing problems.

Online Hearing Test

Online Hearing Test

Every day we are exposed to a world of sounds: conversations with family, the laughter of friends, the whisper of wind through leaves, and the rich patterns of music. A hearing loss, if untreated, can mean no longer being able to enjoy the everyday sounds others take for granted. At Paradise Hearing & Balance Clinics Inc., we want to avoid this tragic loss of quality of life.

In an incredibly discreet design, today’s new technology can significantly improve speech understanding and helps you enjoy the richness of the world around you. The new technology of today can constantly screen the environment and, by design, adjusts itself to offer the best speech clarity and optimum comfort wherever you are. Whether it is automatic or if you prefer, you can control your hearing systems interactively and there are many styles to fit almost every budget. Most new technology also offers connectivity to the wireless world of modern communication.

For your convenience we have added a link so you can do a self hearing exam:


So what’s next?

You did the online hearing test and you could use some help, your loved ones are driving you crazy about you not hearing them and you are just tired of saying “what?” all the time.  But you’re not ready to be that old person wearing hearing aids.

Let me show you something:

You don’t need glasses (or new ones); the hearing aid really is that hard to notice. This is one of the styles of hearing aids currently available. You can keep your put-together look and hear better at the same time!

Hearing loss is not age specific it can happen to anyone at any age. The best part is you don’t have to live with the inconvenience of hearing loss and no one will even know you have a hearing aid on.

What if the online hearing test found a possible problem?

A complete evaluation of your hearing begins with a comprehensive hearing exam with your audiologist serving Oroville. When you visit Dr. Deborah Touchette, a leading audiologist in the area, you’ll get a professional evaluation as well as advice on which hearing aids would work best for you. You can purchase hearing aids from our office, and we even include free batteries and cleanings for life, because we want to ensure that your hearing aid continues to work for you over the long term. To book your appointment, please contact our office.

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