Consequences of Hearing Loss

Dr. Touchette Addresses Some of the Effects of Hearing Loss on the Quality of Life.

Consequences of Hearing Loss

Consequences of Hearing Loss

Untreated hearing loss can lead to social, physical and psychological problems.  The effects of hearing loss are different for each individual, but most hearing-impaired people suffer some social, psychological and physical problems as a result of their hearing loss. As an audiologist serving Oroville, Dr. Touchette sees these consequences in her patients every day.

Some Social consequences are:

  • Reduced social activity or problems participating in social activities
  • Problems communicating with your spouse, friends or relatives
  • Problems communicating at work
  • Isolation and Withdrawal
  • Lack of Concentration

Some Psychological consequences are:

  • Embarrassment, shame , guilt and anger
  • Sadness or depression
  • Anxiety and Suspiciousness
  • Self-criticism and low self-esteem/confidence

In general, hearing-impaired people who suffer from untreated hearing loss express less physical well-being than people with normal hearing and hard-of-hearing people who use hearing aids. Visiting an audiologist serving Oroville can help to improve your quality of life!

Some Physical consequences are:

  • Tiredness and exhaustion
  • Headache
  • Stress
  • Eating and sleeping problems
  • Sexual problems

There are several studies and surveys that link hearing loss with decreased social and psychological consequences. There are also studies that demonstrate the increased risk of untreated hearing loss over treated hearing loss (wearing a hearing aid.) Untreated hearing loss has serious emotional and social consequences for older persons, including depression, according to a large-scale study by the National Council on Aging (NCOA). FULL STORY The study found that two-thirds of the older, non-user respondents said “my hearing is not bad enough” or “I can get along without one.” About half of the non-users cited the cost of hearing aids. And one in five offered the explanation that “it would make me feel old” or “I don’t like what others will think about me.”

In our clinics it is apparent that there still exists a social stigma regarding hearing aids. What many people with hearing loss don’t realize is that the signs of untreated hearing loss are more noticeable to others than hearing aids. Especially with the many cosmetic and nearing invisible options available today.

Audiologist serving Butte County Residents; Office located in Paradise, CA.

At Paradise Hearing & Balance Clinics we are very sensitive to these issues. Our goal is to help you improve communication with the important people in your life. Although hearing loss is a medical condition, it is the breakdown in communication with others that has the most serious cost. We are not looking to sell you the most expensive hearing aid; we strive to improve your quality of life through better hearing and communication. Whether it is providing you with improved listening techniques, providing family and friends with better communication skills, connecting you with Assistive Listening Devices (such as the free hearing impaired phones from CTAP) or helping you choose a hearing instrument that best suits your needs and lifestyle… we are here to help you Hear Better and Live Better.

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