Hearing Aid Styles – Audiologist in Paradise

What styles of hearing aids are available? From Dr. Touchette, audiologist in Paradise

Hearing Aid Styles – Audiologist in Paradise

Hearing Aid Styles (How it Looks), presented by your audiologist in Paradise

There are many hearing aid manufacturers in the world. As an audiologist in Paradise, we have the ability to work with virtually all of them. Over the years we have learned which companies consistently produce high-quality instruments and have great customer service. Listed below are companies we most commonly use in our office (in no particular order): Phonak, Rexton, Oticon, Siemens, GN ReSound and Unitron.

As you think about what style of hearing aid you would prefer, you should also be aware that not every style will work well for every person with hearing loss. The type of hearing loss you have, how severe it is, whether you have associated symptoms like tinnitus, and any other medical conditions you have will affect how well a certain hearing aid will work for you. When you come for your appointment with your audiologist in Paradise, Dr. Touchette will help you understand which types would be likely to work well for you.

Types of Hearing Instruments

Receiver-In-the-Ear (RITE) and “Slim Tube” hearing devices are the most unobtrusive hearing instrument a person can wear. It keeps the ear canal open to reduce any plugged-up sensation. The appropriateness of this style hearing device is limited based on the degree of hearing loss.

RIC                      588811035The Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) hearing instrument is very discreet. If you value cosmetic appeal, this may be the best device for you. The appropriateness of this style depends on your degree of hearing loss and level of manual dexterity.




The In-The-Canal (ITC) style hearing instrument is a smaller model than the full-shell ITE and is appropriate for hearing losses from mild to moderately severe. Features may be somewhat limited due to size. Good manual dexterity is important for this style.

ITC_earITCA custom In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing instrument fills the outer portion of the ear. This style is appropriate for mild to severe hearing losses and may include features such as directional microphones, multiple listening programs, a tele-coil or BluetoothTM compatibility.

ITEITE2Behind-The-Ear (BTE) instruments are appropriate for hearing losses from mild to profound. Directional microphones, multiple listening programs, tele-coil, and Bluetooth™ compatibility are available. This style is a good choice for pediatric patients and individuals with excessive moisture and accumulative cerumen (earwax).


To learn more about your choices and which might work well for you, please contact us to book an appointment with your audiologist in Paradise.

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