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Hearing Aids in Paradise

Finding the right hearing instrument for yourself is not easy. There are many things to consider and many variables. How do you know what to buy so that your hearing is the best it can be?

Get an Evaluation by an Audiologist in Paradise

Your very first step should be having your hearing evaluated by an Audiologist or ENT. This will help narrow down your search, because most models and styles are designed for certain types of hearing loss.

This brings up a very important point – no two individuals and their hearing loss are alike. This may seem obvious, but many people still compare their hearing aids’ benefits and problems. Many patients come in asking for the same hearing aid that their neighbor uses, or wanting to avoid a certain model because it didn’t work well for their cousin. The fact is, if I only fit one model of hearing aid, it would not be successful with each patient. There is no “best hearing aid” that will work the best for everyone.

This is also what makes it important to get your hearing aid from an audiologist in Paradise, rather than from a hearing aid dispenser. We discuss this at length on our Buyer Beware page.

Choose a Hearing Aid in Paradise

To complicate the search is the fact that there are many hearing aid manufacturers producing many different models, features and styles each. Not to mention Re-Branded and Private Label hearing aids (which in many cases are similar to the main brands, but with certain important limitations). This results in literally hundreds of choices. Our purpose with this section of our website is to help you make an educated choice.

When you come for your appointment with an audiologist in Paradise, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss this information and ask any questions you have, so you feel confident in making your choice.

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