Beautiful Handmade “Chocolate” Quilt for Raffle!

Beautiful Handmade “Chocolate” Quilt for Raffle!
For the of month of February, we will be raffling off a beautiful one of a kind chocolate themed quilt for the Paradise Chocolate Fest. As you may already know, our Chocolate Queen Candidate Danielle Harry has been putting together numerous fundraisers to benefit the unique annual nonprofit event of Chocolate Fest. This particular fundraiser is very special to us, a previous employee of Paradise Hearing and Balance has generously donated her time to create this one of a kind candy themed ... Read More

Hearing Aid Raffle – Chocolate Fest Fundraiser

Hearing Aid Raffle – Chocolate Fest Fundraiser
Our top hearing aid manufacturer has generously donated one pair of their premium hearing aids for our Chocolate Fest fundraiser. From September 1st to November 28th only 100 tickets will be sold for this unique raffle. Tickets are only $50.00 each with a limit of 4 per customer. The drawing will take place live on Facebook: Friday, December 01, 2017. Phonak has been changing lives for over 70 years. They are a leader in quality, customer satisfaction and hearing instrument ... Read More

Meet your 2018 Chocolate Queen Candidate!

Meet your 2018 Chocolate Queen Candidate!
Your 2018 Chocolate Queen Candidate Danielle Harry is a California native, born in Hayward, her family moved to Cottonwood by age 10. In 2012 Danielle relocated to Chico with her daughter to complete her degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Chico State. She really loves the city of Chico with its small town feel and outdoor living. Danielle is a Hearing Instrument Specialist at Paradise Hearing and Balance for the last 2+ years, and is very excited to be a candidate for Chocolate ... Read More

Paradise Hearing Reusable Bags!

Paradise Hearing Reusable Bags!
Our shopping bags have returned! Back by popular demand our Paradise Hearing reusable totes have returned for our patients and friends! Due to the new California law in 2017 banning the use of plastic shopping bags at your local grocery stores, we have your alternative! Bright enough not to forget, and small enough to use for a quick trip to the store. Please stop by and pick up your free Paradise Hearing and Balance Shopping Bag. ... Read More

Hearing Aid Features That Help With Ambient Noise – Audiologist Serving Oroville CA

What hearing aid features are available to help with ambient noise? – audiologist Oroville CA Many people with hearing loss struggle with the issue of ambient noise. This becomes a problem in a noisy room, such as at a restaurant or at a party. Those with hearing loss may have a particularly difficult time distinguishing the one voice they wish to listen to. For those without hearing loss, this is usually something that they do without even thinking about it. However, it becomes a major ... Read More
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Types of hearing tests – audiologist Paradise CA

What is a hearing test like? – audiologist Paradise CA Although many people recognize the importance of having their hearing professionally tested, many aren’t sure what to expect when they actually go in for a hearing test. How is a hearing test conducted? Should you do anything to prepare? Screening versus evaluation – audiologist Paradise CA One important distinction to make is the difference between a hearing screening test and a hearing evaluation. A hearing screening is performed ... Read More
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Hearing Loss in Teens – Audiologist Serving Oroville CA

Hearing Loss in Teens – Audiologist Oroville CA Many people think of hearing loss as something that happens to older people. While it’s true that many people accumulate hearing damage as they age, young people are not immune to hearing damage. In fact, hearing loss in teens is far more common than most people believe. One study found that one-third of all teenagers studied had some degree of hearing loss. While many of them may not notice the effects of hearing loss in their everyday ... Read More
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Should you use cotton swabs to clean your ears? – audiologist serving Chico CA

Should you use cotton swabs to clean your ears? – audiologist Chico CA Many people use cotton swabs to clean out their ears on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the risks of doing so. We want to make sure that everyone understands that using cotton swabs inside of your ears can be problematic for a few reasons. What is earwax? – audiologist Chico CA Earwax is a thick substance produced by the ear canal to protect itself. It creates a watertight seal for the ... Read More
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Paradise Audiologist responds to McDonald Hearing Aid Center Investigation

In light of the recent news story regarding McDonald Hearing Aid Center I want to clarify that the behavior of McDonald Hearing Aid Center is not typical of hearing providers in general.  At Paradise Hearing and Balance Clinics, Inc our focus is on the health of our patient's ears, hearing and relationships. Julie Johnson was previously an employee who left my practice to work for McDonald Hearing Aid Center.  I am not associated in any way with Julie Johnson or McDonald Hearing Aid ... Read More
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