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At Paradise Hearing & Balance Clinics our goal is simple. We are here to help you hear better. We will be here to help guide you through each step of our Complete Hearing Healthcare Program©.

Through our experiences, we have learned that treating our patients as family enables the process to go as smoothly as possible. After all, having a hearing loss can be very challenging. We strive to know our patients and to develop trust so that we are able to help you make the best possible informed decision based on our recommendation.

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Paradise Hearing & Balance Clinic's comprehensive approach

Hearing loss is medical in nature. All of the testing that our Audiologist, Dr. Touchette, performs is to help determine the underlying reason that you are having difficulty. Your primary care physician may refer you to us based on complaints you’ve expressed to him or her. You are more than welcome to come to us on your own if you notice a change in your hearing. Whatever the circumstance, we will make sure your entire medical team has a comprehensive report sent to them. Once the testing is performed Dr. Touchette will discuss with you all of your rehabilitation options. Our goal is to help identify the cause and provide a solution.